Running a successful business in the UK involves examining several aspects at the same time. When a client employs staff then it needs to consider the best, most efficient and legally acceptable way to pay them. When our clients are organising and running their businesses on a day to day basis, they may not be able  to devote the time this activity requires. This is why many companies consider going through a payroll service.

Small tax or accounting errors can escalate and be expensive if delayed or if the appropriate processes are not created and adhered to in the early stages of businesses development. Also understanding and handling employee pay related processes could negatively affect the overall performance of your operation. As an employer clients will normally need to be aware of:

  • UK law relating to the National Minimum Wage
  • How the HMRC enforces the National Minimum Wage
  • PAYE and National Insurance deductions
  • Statutory payments
  • Issuing pay statements
  • Pension and other deductions

While most established companies may prefer to keep payroll within the office and have the advantage of trained staff on hand to deal with issues as they arise. However, if the client is a small to medium size company it may be preferable to outsource this function such as organising PAYE, BACS payments, direct debits and the printing of pay slips and cut the budget to reduce the expensive payroll hardware and software.


Payroll outsourcing option delivers the optimum management for payroll solutions for our client needs. Benefits include enhanced efficiency and productivity, the ability to cut costs, additional flexibility and reliability and guaranteed confidentiality and security.

Costs can be reduced with no requirement for the purchase and maintenance of payroll software. Reporting and services can be customized to suit the requirements of the business and payments are adaptable to weekly, two weekly, four weekly or monthly scheduling. Further confidentiality is ensured as the outsourcing service will allow access of payroll data to only certain authorised personnel.


Regardless of clients size or their chosen sector we can provide fully managed payroll solutions that will give the client and its employees complete peace of mind. Understanding of UK tax and accounting laws is an area best handled by qualified professionals and tax advisors, as any wrong computation can involve hefty fines and or imprisonment.

Many small businesses grow much larger and continue to use the expertise of outsourced tax and accounting services. Whether you are a one-man band, new start-up, mid-sized business or large corporate, CareAccountancy has the flexible payroll solution for your business.

CareAccountancy will remain fully committed to its clients in helping ensure them that their payroll services always run smoothly as we continue to provide advanced expertise in outsourced payroll solutions and maintaining compliance wherever required. Transferring your payroll to us is effortless.

We process your payroll and provide you all the required documents on time at very low cost.  In handling your payroll we attempt to understand the exact nature of your business and deliver what your business needs. Each month our payroll team will:

  • Download and apply all tax coding notices from HMRC
  • Load all payroll input data from your tailored input spreadsheet
  • Calculate starter and leaver adjustments
  • Check and verify the payroll’s accuracy
  • Produce management reports tailored to your requirements
  • Prepare BACS files for all your payments and seek authorisation from you
  • Issue ePayslips or a combination of ePayslips and pressure sealed payslips
  • Prepare P45s for all leavers

We will work to the schedules we agree and respond quickly to any queries raised by your payroll contact. We will also prepare all year-end documentation – P35, P14s, P60s – and submit them electronically to HMRC, besides looking to look after your P11D reporting requirements. We can also help you structure a forward-looking payroll system that can help you achieve your broader business goals.


Our fee and charges for payroll services are very reasonable and competitive. Please call us how we can help you with your payroll services.


If you want us to handle your payroll services more efficiently please call us at 0113 887 0218  or send us an email at to have more know more as to payroll services.

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