Furlough claims under CJRS updates

HMRC has reminded employers that they must submit furlough claims November 2020 under CJRS by 14 December 2020.

Mr Chancellor has extended the CJRS until the end of March 2021. The government will review the scheme in January 2021.

Although payroll dates may differ for the Christmas period. The claims can continue to be submitted before, during or after the payroll is processed, as long as the claim is submitted by the deadline.

There will be monthly deadlines for furlough claims. The employer must submit the claims within 14 calendar days after the month they relate to (unless this falls on a weekend, in which case it rolls over until the next working day).

HMRC will send reminder emails to employers before the deadline each month. Therefore,employers should maintain records to support the claimed amount of CJRS grant, in case HMRC needs to check them later.

However, following the second national lockdown for England, the Chancellor confirmed that the CJRS will pay up to 80% of an individual’s wage, up to £2,500 per month.

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In his November statement to Parliament, the Chancellor said:

‘The furlough scheme will not be extended for one month – it will be extended until the end of March. The government will continue to help pay people’s wages, up to 80% of the normal amount.

‘All employers will have to pay for hours not worked is the cost of employer national insurance contributions (NICs) and pension contributions.

‘We’ll review the policy in January to decide whether economic circumstances are improving enough to ask employers to contribute more.’

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