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Strategic & Business Planning is the backbone for most businesses, particularly those in the development phase or those considering innovative ideas to launch new products, raise the working capital, or invest in capital expenditures such as machinery.

Businesses need a considerable amount of capital employed and a workable fundraising plan. As a business owner, you may not be sure when your profits or losses are expected, whether you have the correct type of funding for your business, or think there may be some better option around that you can avail yourself. We can help you with that.

As experts, we can prepare a business plan for your business that unveils a broad range of funding solutions, some of which you have not thought of.

Being experts, we can prepare a business plan for your business that can unveil a broad range of funding solutions, some of which you have not thought of.

We will sift through the major areas of business where improvement can be brought either in finance products, assets, liabilities, development mortgages, property finance, or invoice discounting facilities to provide you with an exclusive funding package that suits your specific needs.

Care Accountancy can refer to you or arrange fundraising, all these in a package tailored according to your needs, for your business. We can work on providing your business with a plan that will allow you:

  • To choose the best option available
  • Flexible repayment options according to your comfort
  • At the optimum interest rates
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What Is A Good Business Plan?

A business plan is an ideal tool to attract potential investors, financiers and other stakeholders to help them decide whether future growth and development prospects are in line with your organizational goals.

Business Planning is the key factor to maximize the profit potential of your business and to turn your commercial or personal goals and dreams into reality. Behind most successful businesses there is a strong and detailed business plan, which highlights where your business stands and where you want it to reach.

We can help you make an explicit business plan and in particular:

  • Prepare a bespoke business plan using our vast industry experience.
  • Present documents in a standard format backed up with important calculations.
  • Consider financial and operating improvements to the existing plan.
  • Prepare short-term and long-term cash flow projections and financial statements.
  • Find out tax-saving opportunities based on current and proposed taxes.

A business plan will help you assess the current position of the business and provide a road map to achieve your objectives. Thus, a business plan can:

  • Evaluate your place in the market
  • Explore opportunities for new business activities
  • Acts as a standard to measure the actual results against the expectations
  • Provides a basis if finance is needed via business loans and government grants


We are offering you a free initial meeting in which we want you to communicate your ideas with us. Our certified accountants will brief you on an accurate business plan to build you a successful business.

Briefly stated, it needs to be a living statement of your vision, you must know the current position of your business and where you want to be and most importantly what are the steps you will have to take to get there. We can do a SWOT analysis for you and enable you to capitalize on your strengths and exploit potential opportunities, be aware of the weaknesses and thwart business threats and risks.

Your business planning needs to set out:

  • A basic framework for decision-making.
  • The business plan should define your vision.
  • It should focus on your ideas and plans to make future decision-making more precise.
  • Provides a platform to communicate ideas with the team in a clear and concise way.
  • Clarity of their role and what their role demands from them.
  • Budgets and targets allow the comparison of actual performance with targets.
  • Variance analysis highlights the areas for improvement.
  • Translation your vision into achievable financial and operational goals.
  • The plan should reflect the market positioning, strengths, and abilities of the team.

Knowing all this, you can build on the strength of the business and its management to foster performance and minimize the risks and weaknesses. By working with us you can take advantage of our extensive experience in preparing business plans from start-up enterprises to big companies and give you a key benefit as you proceed.

Key Performance Indicators

When you run a business and you have a business plan it is essential that the business plan remains on target. It is therefore important to set goals and a road map to accomplishing these goals.
The plans are usually short-term, medium-term, and long-term depending upon the nature of the activity and to keep them within a narrow range of the target is essential to ensure the performance of the business both in the short term as well as long-term.

We have expertise and skills to develop the business plan and set down key performance indicators for the senior management.
We can work closely with our clients to assess these targets at regular intervals and to identify their vision and devise the strategies to execute them.
Your strategic plans are then translated into operational plans to run and manage the day-to-day performance of the business.

We develop bespoke key performance indicators (including both Financial and Non-Financial Performance Indicators) for you to use in monitoring and reviewing the business performance and suggest areas for improvement.

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Good strategies can shine your business
The joy of doing business

Businesses that operate without or do not think through the future and lay down effective strategies for the future are not only prone to significant risk but also the risk of shutdown. A business should have a clearcut path knowing the activities and functions they are expected to perform in a business year and where they will lead the business to.

STEP 1Expectations and delivery

We explain the work process to our clients, timescales, and responsibilities to eliminate any ambiguity. We make promises that we can deliver and align our processes to these commitments

STEP 2Care and Highest level of Service

Our entire team is extremely passionate about the requirement of our customers and their well-being. We are extremely thankful to them for the level of care and service provided by them.

STEP 3Communication is our strength

The strength of our client relationships vests in regular communication with them, whether face to face or virtual. We ensure that our client’s trust and understand us.

STEP 4You are just not a number

We focus on client relationships who are who are just not a number for us. Our product range is wide to suit their requirements. More importantly, we are always available to them whenever they need us.

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    Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
    Leeds: 94 Street Lane, Leeds
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    Bradford: 22 Muirhead Drive, Bradford, BD4 0HJ
    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
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    Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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