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The key to a successful business is a profound business development plan. A business plan shows the intent of a business and how it will deal with routine matters and other strategically important areas. How the business will manage its working capital needs, how to exploit potentially feasible investment opportunities and from where to finance the money required for investment, etc.

After forming a business plan, periodic monitoring and comparison of actual performance with the plan and budget are crucial to continuous development.

Whether you want to start a new business or find out the best way to expand your business, we can help with the following business development services:

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What Is A Good Business Plan?

Strategic & Business Planning

Effective business planning is crucial for both the short and long term survival of the business. Especially for the businesses in the growth and development phase, there should be a solid business plan to streamline all the business activities from production to sales and from fundraising to investments.

There should be some set targets and goals to assess the performance of an organisation; performance indicators then indicate how the company is performing to achieve those targets.

Key Performance Indicators are simply the tools that suggest the company’s performance towards an intended result both in the short term and in the long run. Performance indicators can be both Financial Performance Indicators that assess the company’s financial perspective; and Non-financial Performance Indicators such as productivity and innovation, etc.

We will examine important areas of your business where improvement is needed and devise a plan which suits your current situation and aims toward a brighter future.

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Financial Projections

Financial Projections is the projections or forecast of the future financial needs of a business its expenses and revenues. Financial projections help a business monitor when it will have extra funds and when there will be a cash deficit. In this way, a business can foresee possible fundraising programs and capital investment opportunities.

Financial projections are made after determining the availability of finance and financial needs of a business after taking into account relevant contingencies. After the business has started working on the project, actual results are compared with the forecast to check for and control any variances.

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Secretarial & Start-Up Services

We offer an efficient and cost-effective service to set up a company. We use compatible software to generate an appropriate application, which upon your approval, is submitted to the company’s house electronically.

Besides setting up a company, we also provide other services such as; corporation tax and VAT registration, secretarial services, acting as agents on behalf of the company, devising suitable equity and debt structure, and entitlement to available allowances and tax reliefs.

The majority of startups and SMEs fail in their initial stages of the business; this can be due to; a shortage of money to run day-to-day business activities, ineffective marketing tactics, bad partnerships, and practising in the wrong market.

We provide a bundle of services to business startups, including fundraising plans, business plans, budgets, and forecasts; it is a complete package with almost all accounting services. You just have to hand over your accounts department to Care Accountancy and focus on other crucial areas.

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Innovative ideas for Innovative Future
Vision to Grow Better

The success of any business lies in determining the future course of action and the expenses and the revenue stream. If businesses are aware as to what would be the future course of action. they are in a good position to take action early and swift action and to make good profits or avoid losses. We help businesses project their future course of action and determine their revenue streams and costs thus providing them with a clear pathway of their future profitability

STEP 1Expectations and delivery

We explain the work process to our clients, timescales, and responsibilities to eliminate any ambiguity. We make promises that we can deliver and align our processes to these commitments

STEP 2Care and Highest level of Service

Our entire team is extremely passionate about the requirement of our customers and their well-being. We are extremely thankful to them for the level of care and service provided by them.

STEP 3Communication is our strength

The strength of our client relationships vests in regular communication with them, whether face to face or virtual. We ensure that our client’s trust and understand us.

STEP 4You are just not a number

We focus on client relationships who are who are just not a number for us. Our product range is wide to suit their requirements. More importantly, we are always available to them whenever they need us.

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    Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
    Leeds: 94 Street Lane, Leeds
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    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
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    Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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