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Starting a new business may have legal, financial and regulatory implications but you do not necessarily need to have expertise in all of them. If your business proposition is strong and you have the vision and commitment to make your idea a success, there are strong chances that your business will grow.

Startups are also prone to many risks and threats as well, which if not considered carefully at inception can convert a well-conceived idea into a failure.

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If not managed well some businesses may collapse during the development phase of their lifecycle but we are here to help you out at these starting stages of your business.

Our business helpdesk has assisted numerous clients to minimize, if not eliminate completely, the risk and threats of their startup or even new businesses by carefully helping them to identify, plan and handle issues as they cropped up. Most of the businesses whom we assisted are still with us and using our wide range of services.

Our team can sit down with you to discuss your business proposition or idea and evaluate them if you so require. We can assist you in suggesting a suitable legal structure for your business, including their registration and dealing with various regulatory bodies such as the Companies House, HMRC, or Customs and Excise, as the case may be. We can suggest to you an accounting system best suited for your needs, open a bank account and deal with all the business-related issues.

If you are exploring the implementation of a unique business idea we can, based on your assumptions, assess and prepare a 5 years business plan, discuss the suitability of your assumptions, prepare projected income statements, statements of financial position, cash flows, budgets or trading forecasts. Our cash flow projections can assist you in determining your financial requirements initially and as you move along.

By utilizing the vast experience of our staff, we can provide you with all the necessary help required to start a business including fulfilling your statutory requirements; such as enrolment with the Companies House and registering with the HMRC for taxation purposes. We can also transform your ideas into functional activities and help you prosper in the growth of your business.

We can help you:

  • Decide the legal status of your business, whether to start as a sole trader, limited company, partnership, or LLP (Limited Liability partnership)
  • Enroll with Companies House
  • Register with HMRC to avoid penalties.
  • Choose an appropriate accounting software and set up your accounting system
  • Direct your way if you plan to change the legal status of your business
  • Estimate your tax liability so that you can easily plan to arrange the payment
  • Minimize your tax liability by claiming all the available reliefs and allowances
  • Close the tax matters if you have been previously employed, including; termination pay and ongoing employment.
  • Prepare a business plan
  • Devise a fundraising plan

We aim to help your business to foster its growth and to make you feel valuable thus ensuring a long-term relationship. We also offer a free initial meeting to help you know the insights of Care Accountancy.

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The key determinant of our success lies in client satisfaction and experience. We believe in a simple memorable, consistent customer journey through our website, networking, social media and referrals and engaging them on a long term basis.

STEP 1Expectations and delivery

We explain the work process to our clients, timescales, and responsibilities to eliminate any ambiguity. We make promises that we can deliver and align our processes to these commitments

STEP 2Care and Highest level of Service

Our entire team is extremely passionate about the requirement of our customers and their well-being. We are extremely thankful to them for the level of care and service provided by them.

STEP 3Communication is our strength

The strength of our client relationships vests in regular communication with them, whether face to face or virtual. We ensure that our client’s trust and understand us.

STEP 4You are just not a number

We focus on client relationships who are who are just not a number for us. Our product range is wide to suit their requirements. More importantly, we are always available to them whenever they need us.

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    Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
    Leeds: 94 Street Lane, Leeds
    Birmingham: 9 Sheaf Lane, Coventry Road, Birmingham
    London: Suite 2462, Unit 3A,34-35 Hatton Garden,London, EC1N 8DX
    Bradford: 22 Muirhead Drive, Bradford, BD4 0HJ
    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
    Leeds: 0113 8870 218
    Birmingham: 0121 7268 542
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    GET IN TOUCHCare Accountancy Social Links
    Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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    Copyright by CareAccountancy. All rights reserved.

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