Mortgage Payment Deferrals: Lenders grant 1.9 million


The UK’s mortgage lenders have granted 1.9 million payment deferrals to customers impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to the latest figures from the UK Finance

One in six mortgages is now subject to a payment deferral. For the average mortgage holder, that payment amounts to £755 per month of suspended payments.

Hence, the deferral scheme became most popular in its first three weeks by approving 1.2 million deferrals.

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Further, UK Finance said many homeowners will soon come to the end of the deferral period. Lenders are also now focusing on helping customers to consider their next steps.

Customers who have not yet applied for mortgage payment deferrals and those requiring further support after an initial payment deferral has until 31 October 2020 to apply.

Commenting on the deferrals, Eric Leenders, Managing Director of Personal Finance at UK Finance, said:

‘Lenders understand that many households will continue to see their finances squeezed as the pandemic continues, and we are working hard to ensure everyone gets the support suited to their needs.

‘The industry has a clear plan to help homeowners get through these tough times, and whilst it is best for customers to restart their payments if they can, where this is not possible lenders are keen to help, whatever a customer’s financial situation.’

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