HMRC to start off compliance activity on CJRS grants

HMRC has started off its compliance activity on Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) grants. They are writing letters to 3,000 employers who may need to repay some or all of their claim.

HMRC has been already evaluating Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) applications critically. Therefore, they are now starting the next phase of its compliance activity. So, they’re writing this week to about 3,000 employers it believes may need to repay some or all of their CJRS grant.

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HMRC advises that these letters are going to cases where businesses may have claimed more CJRS grant than they are entitled to.

Secondly, the business may not meet the conditions to receive a CJRS grant – for example, by including employees in their CJRS claim who are not eligible.

Furthermore, the letter will ask businesses to review their CJRS claims and to contact HMRC. They might think they have made a mistake or not.

Lastly, HMRC will charge a penalty for the error in the claim if any has overpaid CJRS grant is repaid it voluntarily within the appropriate time limit.

HMRC will take action against those that deliberately set out to defraud the system or claim money they are not entitled to. However, its aim is not to target innocent errors.

These letters are the first stage of HMRC’s compliance activity approach and that more employers may be contacted in the future.

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