Support for Charity Sector : Covid-19



On Wednesday 08 April, the Chancellor announced £750 million to support for the charity sector in response to coronavirus. The funding package announced by the Chancellor include cash grants, which will be supplied to charities that provide key services during the crisis.

Support for small, local charities

Scheme declared £370 million to support small, local charities working with vulnerable people. This support will be provided through organisations like the National Lottery Communities Fund.

The Chancellor announced a total of £60 million in Barnett Consequentials for all the devolved administrations as a result of the £370 million funding allocated to charities in England. This is broken down as follows:

  • £30 million for the Scottish Government
  • £20 million for Welsh Government
  • £10 million for the Northern Ireland Executive

Direct support to charities providing essential services

Further, the UK government will also provide £360 million directly to charities providing essential services and supporting vulnerable people in battle with coronavirus. Up to £200 million of those grants will support hospices.

While rest will go to organisations like St Johns’ Ambulance and the Citizens Advice Bureau. Government will also support charities supporting vulnerable children, victims of domestic abuse, or disabled people.


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While announcing the support for the charity sector, the Chancellor said:

“There are nearly 170,000 charities in this country; the truth is that we will not be able to match every pound of funding they would have received this year.”

“Charities can already use many of our existing schemes to support people and protect their staff. All charities are eligible for the job retention scheme, and in line with medical advice, and just like any other employer.”

“But some charities are on the front line of fighting the coronavirus. Others provide critical services and support to vulnerable people and communities. For them, shutting up shop at this moment would be to contravene their very purpose; their entire reason to exist.

He further added: “Those charities have never been more needed than they are now. And they’ve never faced such a sudden fall in their funding.”

“It’s right we do everything we can to help the sector during this difficult time, which is why we have announced this unprecedented £750 million package of extra funding.”


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